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Also Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Motor Control, Panelboards, Bolted Pressure Switches, Bus Plugs, Bus Duct


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Circuit Breakers,
Parts and More

Advanced Electrical and Motor Controls specializes in
sales and service of insulated case circuit breakers,
molded case circuit breakers, bolted pressure switches,
panelboards, switchboards, motor control, bus plugs,
bus duct, and renewal & replacement parts.

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Low Voltage Equipment Specialists

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Repair, Upgrade,
Life Extension

Our experienced engineers and skilled
technicians use industry standards and best
practices to inspect, test, repair, recondition,
upgrade, modify and build all types of low voltage
commercial and industrial power distribution

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Highest Standards

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And On-Site
Emergency Support

We can provide nationwide after-hours and on-site
support whenever an electrical emergency takes place.
In addition to our extensive inventory and shop repair
capabilities, we can repair or replace your faulty circuit
breaker, bolted pressure switch, panelboard,
switchboard, motor control and other electrical
equipment on-site at your facility.

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After-Hours & Emergency Support


Advanced Electrical & Motor Controls Services

Repair - Remanufacturing - Reconditioning

We have the experienced engineers and skilled technicians to professionally repair, remanufacture and recondition your low voltage power distribution equipment.

Life Extension - Retrofit - Retrofill Services

We can extend the useful life of your obsolete, underrated, or hard-to-maintain circuit breakers, bolted pressure switches, panelboards, switchboards and motor control.

Modify - Design - Build Panelboards & Switchboards

With our experienced in-house engineering, metal working capabilities and skilled technicians, we can custom-design and build or modify an existing panelboard or switchboard to fit your lighting or power distribution application.

Electrical Emergency Support

We provide nationwide after-hours or on-site emergency support 24/7 when an unscheduled outage or natural disaster strikes.

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Advanced Electrical and Motor Controls is a proud member of PEARL
the Professional Electrical Apparatus Recyclers League.


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